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Road To Specialty Training

A Gateway to UK Medical Specialties

This program is tailored to provide aspiring medical trainees with the essential knowledge and resources required to successfully secure specialty training positions in the United Kingdom.

The 'RTS' programme supports aspiring medical trainees in areas for preparedness in their preferred training programs, including advanced knowledge and resources needed to unlock success in their specialty training application.

Road To Specialty Training, October 2023


Dr A.J

One of the most well organized career progress event I have attended There was no ambiguity as to the goals and objectives of the program which were clearly achieved. Kudos to the organizers

Dr U.E

It was a helpful and well organised session. I believe most people left with most of their questions answered and with clarification of what the future holds.

Dr A.A


An amazing and well informative session. Thank you for your guidance and support.

Join our next session.

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