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Embark on a journey of professional excellence with us!

Join the vibrant community of the Nigerian Doctors in the UK Association and unlock unparalleled opportunities for networking, growth, and collaboration. Your membership is not just an affiliation; it's a doorway to a dynamic space where healthcare professionals thrive. Ready to make a difference? Join us today!

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Your membership comes with a treasure trove of perks and benefits designed to support and elevate your career journey as doctors in the UK! From exclusive networking opportunities to career development resources, we're committed to providing you with the tools and support you need to thrive professionally.


Built for Nigerian Doctors,

by Nigerian Doctors

At our core, we're proud to say that our membership program has been meticulously crafted by Nigerian doctors, for Nigerian doctors. Every feature, every resource, and every interaction has been carefully designed with your unique needs and requirements in mind. From tailored career advice to community support, we're dedicated to empowering you on your professional journey in the UK. Together, let's continue shaping a platform that truly serves and uplifts our Nigerian medical community.

Upcoming Events

    Sat, 20 Apr
    Virtual Event
    20 Apr 2024, 10:00 – 13:00 BST
    Virtual Event
    Join us for a special webinar collaboration between MANSAG, NDUK, and the GMC! This session will focus on key issues affecting IMGs in the UK.

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Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce our partnership program with trusted NDUK partners that brings incredible opportunities for our entrepreneurial members. Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your career and expand your professional network. Register now to unlock exclusive benefits and take your journey to the next level!

What Our Members Say.

Discover firsthand the impact our community has made on the lives and careers of our members. Read their inspiring testimonials as they share their experiences, successes, and the invaluable support they've received. Join us in celebrating their journeys and be inspired to embark on your own path to greatness!

One of the most well organized career progress event I have attended. There was no ambiguity as to the goals and objectives of the program which were clearly achieved. Kudos to the organizers.

Dr Ajetunmobi.
Road to Specialty Training
Oct. 29, 2023

Attending this session helped to allay some fears I’ve had about my portfolio. I’m also now aware there’s abundance of resources and help to navigate my training.

Dr Lawson.

Navigating your ePortfolio

Aug. 19, 2023

A well-thought conference that addressed salient issues that addressed Nigerian Drs  here in the UK. Particularly impressed with the information flow; from the process of registration to the actual sessions, the ability to contribute live in the sessions, was particularly refreshing. It was well worth the investment of time.

Dr Olupitan.

NDUK Annual Conference & AGM

July 30, 2023



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