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Shaping Your Membership

Members can connect with fellow professionals, to share ideas, ask questions or to find new contacts through the exclusive NDUK community.

Why contribute to NDUK?

Contributing to NDUK is a great way to make a  difference through participation and community engagement.

Each year, NDUK undertakes activities that engages and supports its members in a variety of forms. From making new friends to enhancing your CV, working with us is a great opportunity to make a difference & participate in behind-the-scenes activities in almost every department of NDUK.

Image by Jonny Gios

Have an existing membership?

Give someone special a whole year of support aand learning with NDUK gift membership. Your gift will help them engage with other members across Nigeria & UK , ensuring that they are meeting like-minded professionals through networking.

NDUK Updates

Let’s Connect!

If you're not sure where to start, subscribe to our mailing list and connect with us on any of our social media platform, to learn more about our work and how other members use their membership choices. 

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