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Programs & Services

We aim to support Nigerian doctors achieve their full potential. Our members are from the medical industry and from varying stages in their careers, but they all value their membership and take pride in being part of our network

Our Programs

NDUK started with a strategic approach to professional learning and development for Nigerian doctors, in other to promote professional & clinical excellence. We are proud to feature various programs that have been designed specially to help international doctors gain experience at various levels in UK hospitals.

All Hands In

How We Help

Clinical Specialty Week.

Proudly sponsored by NDUK, as part of our mission to foster information sharing, improve preparation for recruitment into training programs and support clinical excellence among NIgerian doctors.

Mentorship Program

NDUK mentorship program allows mentees to select mentors on a specific subject, to help them based on their needs.

Community Support & Peer Groups

Stay connected and build your professional network. Our aim is to create an inclusive environment for Nigerian doctors and reduce isolation for newly arrived doctors.

& Training

Ready to learn? Access educational support to help you prepare for work in the UK. Whether online or in-person, courses or videos, build your knowlegde base and prepare for clinical practice.


Join online now and you'll be accessing your member benefits and resources within minutes.

Health & Wellbeing

Led by a wellbeing coach, our hub supports and enhance your mental wellbeing


Providing emergency support for Nigerian doctors and their families in the event of physical or mental distress, critical illness or death.

Social Campaigns

We lend our collective voice to social campaigns and advocate for system changes on issues impacting on the Nigerian doctor.

Financial Wellbeing

Led by an accredited financial expert, we provide a supportive hub of financial advice, tips and tools to support and improve financial wellbeing.


We work with policy makers at every level, across the UK and Europe. We raise awareness of the issues affecting our Nigerian doctors in the UK, and seek changes in the law on these issues.


NDUK raises awareness of the issues affecting our members’ and looks into the impact of these issues on doctors living and working in the UK.

Operating Room

Doctoring Without Barriers

We raise awareness of discriminatory practices against the Nigerian Doctor and the BAME community at large. IMGs face many hurdles to live and work in the UK  - discrimination should not be one of them.

Social Campaign

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