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Please note:

Our Facebook group remains a 100% free platform and is strictly for Nigerian Doctors and Dentist.

NDUK Website Membership is a paid membership and maintains a strict application and approval process.

Make the most of your membership

Your Membership allows you to discover a range of opportunities to build your professional and social networks.

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Exclusive Benefits

We offer our members a wide range of vital support during their journey and career, as medical professional in the UK.

Unlimited access to library resources and downloads.

Members receive free access to our online library of curated resources, ranging from what to expect in the PLAB and other professional exams, to traveling, working, and living in the UK. Resources included downloadable materials, blogs and articles and video library, and on-demand webinars. Members will have unlimited access anytime, anywhere, including in mobile-friendly formats.

Network with over 10,000 fellow professionals in Nigeria & UK.

NDUK is growing with an esteemed network of medical professionals who have various expertise, clinical and life experience about matters pertaining to working and living in the UK.

Access to wellbeing resources that matters to you.

Professional exams, migrating or starting a new job can be tough, but we are here to support you with our resources on mental health and wellbeing. Learning to manage high-pressure stress, your feelings and thoughts , while creating mindfulness is a lifelong skills that is important for work as medical professional in the UK.

Volunteering Opportunities

Our members give back through support to our work on member education, information sharing and social engagement. Volunteering with NDUK is an opportunity to network and build your social circle after moving the UK.

Free or discounted tickets to NDUK events and webinars.

Join us for our online or live events, designed to help you find advice, support, and guidance on key issues. Members get all the benefits of attending NDUK conferences, webinars, workshops, and social events for free or discounted prices.

Secure access to NDUK Hub & Marketplace.

We have formed a secure database of registered and verified members. Your membership gives you secure professional access to other members for networking and contact for professional support, including access to special interest or entrepreneurial ventures of our members. *Terms & Conditions Apply*

Get Mentoring Support when needed to guide you in what matters most.

Our mentorship program offers an opportunity to gain 1-on-1 support from a peer or experienced expert. It is a 6-8 weeks program that is designed to connect you with a mentor with the right skills and expertise. Members are welcome and supported to gain mentoring skills, and enhance their leadership capabilities as they contribute to the community.

......And More! Expect more benefits as we grow and become stronger together

We have lot of social and professional activities, both formally and informal. Members benefit through engagement with their membership. Sign-up today and get started!

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Let's Work Together

Join Us. Engage. Get Involved

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