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NDUK Leadership Responsibilities

Members who are elected to leadership post are those with the requisite skills and experience required by the conduct and lead the strategic vision of NDUK through collaboration and dynamic, inclusive practical solutions. To ensure proper communication and accountability, all responsibilities are presented to encourage, foster and maintain the highest possible standards in NDUK leadership. We welcome members to support and apply for leadership posts. Together, we can ensure a bright future for medical doctors & dentist through all stages of their career in the UK; from medical students, migration, clinical practice, through to training, qualified years and retirement.


Our leaders are at the centre of our strategic plans. All members of the team are volunteers to their role and their exceptional contributions can be shown to have helped help the NDUK members and community to achieve better outcomes – for everyone. It is a given that every member of the team are Nigerians, medically qualified and already resident in the UK. The country of Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ) is not a relevant.


Focuses on the core functions of the organization to enable it to achieve its long-term strategic vision, and oversee the development of sustainable solutions to problems impacting NIgerian doctors and dentist in the UK. Areas of focus include: strategy, finance, board management, fundraising, and program delivery.

Vice President/ Admin Lead

Works with various stakeholders and division leaders of the organization, to plan, develop and enforce the organization's policies and objectives to ensure it maintains its values and meets established goals. Areas of focus include: strategy, organizational development and program delivery.


Manages the organization's internal communications. Preparing or keeping track of board meeting dates, meeting agendas and minutes from the meeting. Attends all board meetings to keep a detailed record of the board's actions.


Responsible for the financial health.  They ensure enough cash reserves and assets are available to see the organisation through changing economic conditions, and often oversee financial record keeping for NDUK.

Public Relations Officer

Manages the organization's external communications. Create, implement and oversee communications programs, that effectively describe and promote the organization, including newsletters and social media campaigns. Works as the volunteer coordinator by supporting community engagement and will recruit, train, evaluate, maintain and recognize vital volunteer programs to include guides/advisors, interns, and individual and group volunteers who help sustain our organization's objectives and goals.

Chief Information Officer

INCLUDING DATA PROTECTION OFFICER. Oversee teams that use agile, data-driven, and digital solutions to address the organization's needs for digital transformation and achieve a step-change in our ability to make our impact and achieve our mission and goals. Works closely with PRO to coordinate volunteer & teamwork. The role of the DPO is to ensure that the organization is compliant with data protection laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union. This includes monitoring and compliance, reviewing policies annually, data protection impact assessments and acting as a point of contact for data subjects (individuals whose data is processed by the organization).

Welfare Manager

Developing and delivering welfare programs and initiatives that promote the health and well-being of members. Plans, directs and coordinates the provision of social and community support programs for our members. Communicating effectively with members and other stakeholders, such as management and other welfare officers, to ensure that welfare issues are identified and addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.

Education & Mentoring Lead

Provides educational leadership and strategies for NDUK, including the development and coordination of educational programs, oversee educational research aimed at providing new directions for NDUK education program.

Programs Director

Works in collaboration with leaders within the organization to design and implement core or affiliated programs that support the organization's mission, vision, and goals. It may require proactively monitoring program progress, resolving issues and initiating appropriate corrective actions, to ensure that each program maintains quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

Non-executive Board Member(s)

We welcome 2 board members who act as advocates and independent advisors to help achieve our goals, and will be involved in policymaking and planning, routinely monitoring executive directors to ensure they act in the interest of NDUK members.

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