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Career Opportunities for GPs.

Apart from the widely known 3 roles - salaried GP, Locum GP and GP partners, there are countless options for building a career as a portfolio GP and this can be customized to match individual interests and preferences, such as working from home or accommodating childcare needs. Becoming a portfolio GP does not always require any extra training and there are no fixed requirements that must be fulfilled in most cases.

However, various role possibilities for portfolio GPs may have their own unique training needs or requirements. This article will explore some of the necessary training for different roles. Portfolio GP careers usually begin by taking on one additional work session and gradually increasing the workload if the GP finds it enjoyable. Networking is crucial for portfolio GPs to secure new roles, so don't hesitate to seek career and GP advice from colleagues.

I have listed below a few examples which by no means are exhaustive. So kindly add a few below to the list:

Prison & Drug Medicine

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of providing drug medicine services in prisons. This is because individuals with substance use disorders are overrepresented in the prison population, and many of these individuals are at risk of serious health complications if their addiction is not treated. Prison GP and Forensic Medical Examiner are two specialized roles that involve working with inmates or the police, respectively.

Violent Patient Units


Local Medical Committees (LMC)

Medical Education

GP Trainer

Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

University teaching/tutoring


PHP Work

Occupational Medicine


GP Fellowship

Sexual Health

Aviation Medicine

GP with special interest (GPwER)

Other Roles

11. PHP work:

12. Occ Med

13. TPD: This can be easily accessed by asking one of your TPDs in your scheme.

14. GP fellowships

15. Sexual health


17. Post CCT – CCT

18. GPwER

19. OTHER roles include:

· Medical Examiner

· School doctor

· Cancer Research UK lead GP

· Palliative medicine

· Boiler repairs

· Food bank voucher issuance

· Physical health doc for mental health inpatients.

· Open Care homes / intermediate care facilities

· Ministry of Justice Tribunals medical member

· Expedition Medicine! E.g working in the Sahara desert.

· DVLA franchise doctor & DNA tester

· Tropical Medicine/work overseas.

· Research – e.g senior lecturer in general practice research

· Develop guideline in NICE



· Armed Forces

· refugee health

· homeless healthcare

· cruise ships.

· Tribunal medical member

· PLAB examiner


· Advisory GP in steering groups

· Target antibiotic trainer

· Move abroad (Australia, Canada or middle east).

· Endoscopy Top of Form

· Editor

· GP support for regional ambulance service

· Aesthetics business

· Real Estate

· Stocks and Shares and Forex

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