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Renting a Home in UK

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Original Post in Facebook Group.

Everyone needs a roof over their heads.

When moving to the UK for the first time accommodation is a huge consideration. It is best to arrange this before arriving. For most people Hospital accommodation is the simplest option. If you can make other arrangements in the first few weeks and decide you would rather rent on the open market then there are things to consider.

Location: get a place as close to work as reasonable. If you have children that go to school then you may want a place close to their school. Just pick what works for you. Also if you don’t drive look for a place with good transport routes if it’s far from work.

The location of shops is also a factor. Some prefer a place within walking distance of a high street so it’s an easy walk to get things.

Type: A flat may be a good start grade. Houses are usually more expensive to rent and require more work in terms of garden, heating, and co.

The council tax would also be higher You do end up with more space but then you need to decide what is best for you. If you opt for a shared house / flat then ensure the Landlord. Doesn’t live in the property ( easier life )

Rent It’s best to compare rent for similar properties in your area.

Viewing Always make sure you view the property and if there are things you feel should be in place ask the agent about this.

White goods ( fridge, washing machine ) should be working if provided. Ask about council tax. Cost of gas and electricity per month. Ask if the house has central heating ( with gas ) as electricity is more expensive to heat up a house and you will feel this more in winter. Make sure the heating is working!

Furnished vs unfurnished It all depends. If the landlord provides furniture then you are responsible for looking after it. If it’s unfurnished then you can buy essential furniture on the Facebook marketplace at rock-bottom prices.

Crime: check for the crime rate in the area. Very important. Some areas are hot spots for crime and you want to avoid these. Use this link

Moving: ensure you take ALL meter readings as soon as you move. Take lots of pictures too. You may need it to rescue your deposit when you leave. You don’t have to break the bank. Decide what you can afford and balance that with where you want to live.

Ensure you read the tenancy agreements. Agents sneak in some clauses that could reduce the proportion of the marketplace deposit you get back.

Also, remember that with the new laws you don’t have to pay an agent fee anymore.

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