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Another Dermatology success story.

Author: Undeclared

  • Dreams do come true! A few years earlier, a good friend and colleague posted on this group how they got a national training number in dermatology. So today, because of God's favour, support and guidance from the said friend and colleague, and tireless contributions from wonderful sisters in this group, I was able to secure an ST3 national training number in dermatology. To begin with, I completed the first two years of IMT and passed the MRCP UK examination, which was one of the ways to get into dermatology. Although I did not get a dermatology rotation during this period, I sought out opportunities to build up my portfolio to show my commitment to dermatology by doing the following. • I attended dermatology clinics in a different hospital in my Trust in addition to my IMT commitment. • Attended several courses organised by the British Dermatology Association and the St John Dermacademy.

  • Attended national and international Dermatology conferences with several e-poster presented at national and international dermatology conferences

  • Published three works in dermatology

  • Completed a dermatology-related QIP

  • Designed and organised dermatology teaching for junior doctor

  • Completed a diploma in medical education

  • I was involved in recruiting patients into various multi-centre observational studies.

In round 1 of my first application, I was shortlisted and placed on the reserve list, but I could not get an interview because my application score was 2 points below the cut-off. I was heartbroken, but I worked on my portfolio to increase my application score before the round 2 application for which I was shortlisted, and my interview was a success! For my interview preparation, I attended an interview preparatory course and practised with wonderful sisters who contributed selflessly towards my success. The key was that I was never shy to discuss my plan with friends and senior colleagues. The reason for this is that I believe in the saying that "God has put everything that you need to get to the next level in your life around you, but it is for you to pray that he opens the eyes of your understanding to see them". Furthermore, I was open to going anywhere the training number took me. I would like to use this medium to appreciate everyone who has helped me in one way or the other to achieve this milestone. For those of us in this race, I would like to say do not give up because everyone's story is different, but once thy time is ripe, no one can stop thy shine. Lastly, we rise by lifting others, so if anyone needs guidance on developing their portfolio, planning their application, and practising for an interview in dermatology, seek help.


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