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Digital Transformation for NDUK

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

An open letter to all NDUK members.

As we embark on NDUK’s planned website launch! Here is some info to let you know what it is all about.

Digital transformation refers to the switch from traditional or manual-based approaches to using digital technologies to perform better as a group or organization. It allows NDUK to transcend into a more structured organization with better performances and unique values for its members. Good things come with great work and planning, so we believe that NDUK’s digital transformation will improve the well-being and support of its members, boost productivity and performance, reduce repetitions, save time, improve our online presence, increase member satisfaction, not to mention future-proof our reputation within the global healthcare community. We are Nigerian doctors/dentist living and working in the UK, and we must own this with pride. The transition period will bring a big shift for all of us, but we must be mindful that organizational change is not without a few hiccups.

Digital transformation for NDUK is not solely about covering organizational finance through membership fees. It is not also about merely automating or digitizing existing processes. We need to look at the entire platform and organization in which we operate, and examine our position in the global community and our online presence & reputation as Nigerian doctors. We need an appetite for change, and we must strive for progressive change, not perfection. This is why creating NDUK membership through a digital transformation approach is the best strategy. Like many, I proudly align with BMA and FMLM for career reasons but NDUK aligns with our culture and identity as Nigerians. When I look at the promise of what tomorrow holds, it will be worth it when we build NDUK to align with every aspect of who we are – Identity, Culture, and Career. Just like BAPIO is to our Indian colleagues.

But let’s be frank, transitions and creating new processes never run 100% smoothly and that’s where you come in. Here are some pointers for our success.

  • It requires commitment from all levels. As members, we must hold our leaders accountable to their leadership commitments (we must ask questions, join AGMs, discussion forums, critical appraisal of annual reports, etc) and we must also be committed to the betterment of ourselves as a community (contribute, give feedback, volunteer, donate). Your voice can create a resounding echo, NDUK needs you!

  • It requires a strategic plan. In time, an open consultation will be provided to review NDUK's new strategic plan. Your feedback matters and UK will be incorporated into the final drafts to be presented/adopted by NDUK leadership. Every opinion matters. There are many hidden gems and diamonds amongst us who have high expertise in organizational management and your wealth of knowledge and experience can bring great insight into developing who we are as a professional community. NDUK needs you!

  • It requires people, and ‘people’ means all of us. We can not stand on the backbone of a few people and expect to go far in our journey to the stars. Networking and volunteering is our strength as a community. While many processes will be automated and save time, volunteers are needed to help manage our member services remotely (eg ID verification, emails-only CRM, well-being support, webinar facilitators, etc). Volunteering can also be during in-person events to help improve the experience of our face-to-face events. Your presence can make a difference, NDUK needs you!

  • It requires patience. Internal resistance causes 70% of failed transformations as members may be comfortable with the status quo or do not understand why processes have to be deconstructed and reorganized. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and change will always be progressive. NDUK is continuously working to improve its service value to you. Your well-being and satisfaction are one of its top strategic priorities. As we undertake our new growth spurt, please exercise patience towards the team and leaders, adopt an open mindset that change is helpful and encourage our leaders to get it right.

No one digital transformation framework is well-suited for any one group or organization. Our roadmap to greatness begins with one step, and it has been taken. You are the heart and soul of NDUK, and every decision and design thinking has been, and will always be made with you in mind. At the end of the day, we will come out …..say it with me please…..#strongertogether.

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