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Public Health on the Shortage List.

Dr F. Makama writes....

Hurray! Public health has been added to the shortage occupation list (SOL) since 01, December 2020. In a Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules published on 4 March 2021, the Home Office announced that a number of job roles in the health and care sector have now been added to the Shortage Occupation List (SOL). Following recommendations from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), an independent body that advises the government on migration issues, the Home Office has added eight health and care occupations to the UK-wide Shortage Occupation List. The eight occupations are: 1. Health services and public health managers and directors 2. Residential, day, and domiciliary care managers and proprietors 3. Pharmacists 4. Health professionals not elsewhere classified, such as audiologists and dental hygiene therapists. 5. Physiotherapists 6. Laboratory technicians (including those not in the health and care sectors) 7. Nursing auxiliaries and assistants 8. Senior care workers

What does this imply for Public Health? Read related articles about a UK career in Public Health.

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