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Building A Safe Community Space

The NDUK Community Regulations

Building our safe and supportive environment for our membership community is vital to NDUK. Our website contains information for UK-resident medical physicians, dentists, researchers and those intending to migrate to the UK, along with tools and resources designed to aid their professional development of our members.

Designed for Impact

Our website platform comes with the latest website and social features built in that allows to track and protect our member's engagement. Building our membership online community means that everyone of us holds a responsibility to maintain a safe and supportive environment for all members. Only members will be allowed unlimited access to the website and membership must be registered and verified.

How to support a safe community environment.

  1. Read about our website community guidelines and policies.

  2. Understand what your membership entails and rules of engagement.

  3. Maintain social and professional courtsey to all our members in line with GMC GMP code of ethics.

  4. Flag it! Contact us when you notice inappropriate actions, comments and use of our website.

Get Inspired Get involved with NDUK, its leadership or digital team to make a positive impact for growth.

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