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How To Get into Dermatology.

I came to the UK in March 2018. I did a 4-months JCF post in ED at PRUH KCH London. Then got into CMT in Wales in August 2018. I passed the MRCP during CMT. I had some Dermatology Medical Officer experience of 18 months in my Home country, Nigeria but no formal residency training. I had published a few papers (non-dermatology) and had a Masters degree in Human physiology. You need core medical competencies signed off, ACCS acute med competencies or IMT2 competencies signed off with full MRCP to qualify for ST3 Dermatology. It is a 48-months training program with only Dermatology on calls. Good work-life balance as a registrar and as a consultant. People with MRCPCH and 12 months core medical Training experience are accepted into ST3 as well. From 2021 a new curriculum will be introduced and will allow people from other core specialties to apply. What I did: 1. Attended a few Dermatology clinics while doing CMT 2. Attended Dermschool run by the BAD 3. Attended British Association of Dermatology Annual General Meeting (AGM). 4. Attended psoriasis Masterclass run by BAD/st Johns Skin Institute. 5. Attended Dermoscopy course run by St John's Skin Institute virtually 6. Attended the basic skin surgery course 7. I published a case report in Dermatology 8. I published a literature review on leprosy. 9. Attended the Dermatology interview course (one-to-one online) and abstract station(online) both run by DermOwl. This course is a deal-breaker 10. I organised a teaching session for 3 months for juniors in stroke medicine and got a certificate from the stroke department for teaching. You can do Audits and QIPs in Dermatology as well. I had no Dermatology QiP or audits, just some other QIPs as per my CMT requirements. Interview: I had my 1st interview in March round 1 2020 and was ranked 60th nationally and got a LAT 6 months in Scotland which I rejected. I then accepted a clinical fellow Job in Dermatology in August 2020 and then re-applied in round 2 of 2020 and ranked 9th after interviews nationally and got a slot in the West Midlands deanery. I start in February 2021. Interview stations The best way to get through this interview is to attend the interview course. Station 1: Portfolio station. You need to sell yourself and tell them what you have done in Dermatology and what you bring to the table as a registrar. Station 2: Abstract station and clinical governance. You will be given an abstract of a recent Dermatology publication and asked to analyse, critique and explain how it may affect your practice. You will be asked a clinical governance question Station 3: Clinical scenario and ethics. Usually a picture or a Derm condition. You will be asked how you will approach and treat. Usually common things eg vasculitic rash, scabies, erythroderma, drug rash, TEN. A few derm ethical scenarios like steroid-phobic parents and a child with Atopic dermatitis. Best of luck! Link to minor surgery course Link to Dermowl course

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