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NDUK 2023 Council Election Updates

Get Inspired. Get Involved.

How we are governed matters. The NDUK leadership team is made up of the executive volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time and efforts for the strategic growth and impact on NDUK.

In 2021, NDUK successfully held its first electoral process and emerged with its first formal leadership team. They meet twice a month and provide regular reports to members of the group. Their role is to translate decisions into actions, monitor and review progress against the strategic plan and address issues affecting NDUK members, their professional wellbeing and social welfare.

Upcoming 2023 Elections. We would like to invite you to review the roles and responsibilities of NDUK leadership team, and give good thoughts about volunteering and representing NDUK members. We really value your wealth of experience, professional input and insight as a leader. You can also contact members of the leadership team to discuss the role(s) you are interested. Election observers are also welcome to ensure inclusivity.

Our Elections are EDI-positive. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are important in NDUK elections and leadership presentations. All elections will be non-partisan, non-political, non-tribal, no-religious, non-sexist and will reflect fairness, justice and equity in our network.

More details on elections will be communicated in the future. Please contact the leadership team if you require specific details.

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